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Biblical Names and their Meanings

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Taanach sandy soil, same as Tanach Joshua 12:21
Taanathshilo approach to Shiloh Joshua 16:6
Taarea JPS for Tarea, chamber of a neighbour 1 Chronicles 8:35
Tabbaoth rings Ezra 2:43
Tabbath renowned, celebrated Judges 7:22
Tabeal pleasing to God Isaiah 7:6
Tabeel pleasing to God, same as Tabeal Ezra 4:7
Taberah burning Numbers 11:3
Tabitha gazelle Acts 9:36
Tabor broken region, stone quarry Joshua 19:22
Tabrimon who pleases Rimmon 1 Kings 15:18
Tachmonite sagacious, make me wise 2 Samuel 23:8
Tadmor the palm tree, same as Tamar 1 Kings 9:18
Tahan a camp Numbers 26:35
Tahanites descendants of Tahan Numbers 26:35
Tahapanes Egyptian origin , head of the age, same as Tahpanhes Jeremiah 2:16
Tahath fear; going down Numbers 33:26
Tahchemonite ASV, JPS, etc., same as Tachmonite 2 Samuel 23:8
Tahpanhes head of the age, same as Tahapanes Jeremiah 43:7
Tahpenes head of the age 1 Kings 11:19
Tahrea cunning 1 Chronicles 9:41
Tahtimhodshi lowest moon 2 Samuel 24:6
Talitha cumi Aramaic for: young woman arise Mark 5:41
Talmai abounding in furrows Numbers 13:22
Talmon oppressed 1 Chronicles 9:17
Tamah laughter, same as Thamah Nehemiah 7:55
Tamar ASV, RSV for Tadmor, palm tree 1 Kings 9:18
Tamar a different Hebrew word, also palm tree Genesis 38:6
Tammuz perhaps sprout of life?, pagan deity Ezekiel 8:14
Tanach sandy soil, same as Taanach Joshua 21:25
Tanhumeth consolation 2 Kings 25:23
Taphath drop of ointment 1 Kings 4:11
Tappuah a place of apples Joshua 12:17
Tarah uncertain derivation, same as Terah Numbers 33:27
Taralah reeling Joshua 18:27
Tarea chamber of a neighbour 1 Chronicles 8:35
Tarpelites wondrous mountain, inhabitants of Tarpel Ezra 4:9
Tarshish yellow jasper, same as Tharshish Genesis 10:4
Tarsus a flat basket Acts 9:11
Tartak prince of darkness, pagan deity 2 Kings 17:31
Tartan a military title like general 2 Kings 18:17
Tartarus Young's Translation for "hell" in KJV, a place of restraint for demons 2 Peter 2:4
Tatnai a gift Ezra 5:3
Tebah a slaughter of cattle Genesis 22:24
Tebaliah whom God has immersed, i.e. purified 1 Chronicles 26:11
Tebeth goodness, name of the 10th month Esther 2:16
Tehaphnehes head of the age, same as Tahapanes Ezekiel 30:18
Tehinnah entreaty, supplication 1 Chronicles 4:12
Tekel to be weighed Daniel 5:25
Tekoa a pitching of tents, a stockade 1 Chronicles 2:24
Tekoah a pitching of tents, a stockade, same as Tekoa 2 Samuel 14:2
Tekoite inhabitant of Tekoa 2 Samuel 23:26
Telabib hill of green growth, hill of ears of grain Ezekiel 3:15
Telah fracture 1 Chronicles 7:25
Telaim young lambs 1 Samuel 15:4
Telassar Assyrian hill, same as Thelasar Isaiah 37:12
Telem oppression Joshua 15:24
Telharesha hill of wood, hill of workmanship Nehemiah 7:61
Telharsa hill of wood, same as Telharesha Ezra 2:59
Telmelah heap of salt Ezra 2:59
Tema desert Genesis 25:15
Teman the south Genesis 36:11
Temani inhabitant of Teman Genesis 36:34
Temanites inhabitants of Teman, same as Temani 1 Chronicles 1:45
Temeni southern 1 Chronicles 4:6
Terah uncertain derivation, same as Tarah Genesis 11:24
Teraphim idolatrous images Judges 17:5
Terebinth RSV, elm tree, translated in KJV as "teil tree" in Isaiah 5:13 and as "elms" in Hosea 4:13 Isaiah 5:13
Teresh severe, strictness Esther 2:21
Tertius third Romans 16:22
Tertullus triple hardened Acts 24:1
Tetrarch governor of a fourth part of a region Matthew 14:1
Thaddaeus courageous Matthew 10:3
Thaddeus Young's and Webster's for Thaddaeus Matthew 10:3
Thahash skins, or the colour of skins Genesis 22:24
Thamah laughter, same as Tamah Ezra 2:53
Thamar palm tree, same as Tamar Matthew 1:3
Thara same as Terah, of uncertain derivation Luke 3:34
Tharshish yellow jasper, same as Tarshish 1 Kings 10:22
Thebez brightness, conspicuous Judges 9:50
Thelasar Assyrian hill, same as Telassar 2 Kings 19:12
Theophilus friend of God Luke 1:3
Thessalonians inhabitants of Thessalonica Acts 20:4
Thessalonica the victory of Thessalia, or perhaps (according to Strabo) named after the wife of Cassander and daughter of Philip? Acts 17:1
Theudas God given Acts 5:36
Thomas a twin Matthew 10:3
Thummim perfections Exodus 28:30
Thyatira a perfume, an odour Acts 16:14
Tiberias from the Tiber (the pagan river god) John 6:1
Tiberius from the Tiber Luke 3:1
Tibhath slaughter of cattle 1 Chronicles 18:8
Tibni building of God 1 Kings 16:21
Tidal fear, reverence Genesis 14:1
Tiglathpileser lord of the Tigris river, same as Tilgathpilneser 2 Kings 15:29
Tikvah hope, expectation, same as Tikvath 2 Kings 22:14
Tikvath hope, expectation 2 Chronicles 34:22
Tilgathpilneser lord of the Tigris river 1 Chronicles 5:6
Tilon suspension 1 Chronicles 4:20
Timaeus highly prized Mark 10:46
Timna restrained Genesis 36:12
Timnah restrained, same as Timna Genesis 36:40
Timnath image; figure; enumeration Genesis 38:12
Timnathheres portion of the sun; the more correct form for this name is, according to Gesenius, Timnathserah Judges 2:9
Timnathserah abundant portion; this is the more correct form for this name Joshua 19:50
Timnite inhabitant of Timnath Judges 15:6
Timon honorable Acts 6:5
Timotheus valued of God, honouring God, same as Timothy Acts 16:1
Timothy valued of God, same as Timotheus 1 Timothy 1:2
Tiphsah passage, crossing 1 Kings 4:24
Tiras desire Genesis 10:2
Tirathites men of the gate 1 Chronicles 2:55
Tirhakah he searches those who wait 2 Kings 19:9
Tirhanah favour 1 Chronicles 2:48
Tiria fearful 1 Chronicles 4:16
Tirshatha title for a Persian governor meaning "his severity" Ezra 2:63
Tirzah pleasantness Numbers 26:33
Tishbite seek recourse, inhabitant of a town Tishbe or Tishbi? 1 Kings 17:1
Titus of uncertain meaning, perhaps care-giver? 2 Corinthians 2:13
Tizite inhabitant of Tiz 1 Chronicles 11:45
Toah humble, lowly 1 Chronicles 6:34
Tob good Judges 11:3
Tobadonijah my God is good 2 Chronicles 17:8
Tobiah God is good Ezra 2:60
Tobijah God is good, same as Tobiah 2 Chronicles 17:8
Tochen measurement 1 Chronicles 4:32
Togarmah you will break her Genesis 10:3
Tohu lowly 1 Samuel 1:1
Toi to wander, to err, same as Tou 2 Samuel 8:9
Tola worm Genesis 46:13
Tolad a generation, posterity 1 Chronicles 4:29
Tolaites descendants of Tola Numbers 26:23
Tophel lime, cement Deuteronomy 1:1
Tophet place of burning (the dead) Isaiah 30:33
Topheth place of burning (the dead) 2 Kings 23:10
Tou to wander, to err, same as Toi 1 Chronicles 18:9
Trachonitis a rough region Luke 3:1
Troas penetrated, a Trojan Acts 16:8
Trogyllium a cache Acts 20:15
Trophimus nutritious Acts 20:4
Tryphena luxurious Romans 16:12
Tryphosa grow vigorously Romans 16:12
Tubal brought forth Genesis 10:2
Tubalcain brought forth from Cain Genesis 4:22
Tychicus fortuitous Acts 20:4
Tyrannus absolute ruler Acts 19:9
Tyre rock Joshua 19:29
Tyrians RSV, Young's for people of Tyre 1 Chronicles 22:4
Tyrus rock, same as Tyre Jeremiah 25:22